Celebrating Agricultural Traditions.

The 16th Annual Medieval Festival of Courage

October 6th & 7th 2018

Come celebrate our creation of fanciful medieval frivolity through agricultural traditions in the Village de La Fee de Lac Bleu. Make merry with Ladies, Knights, Elves, Fairies, Ogres, Jesters, Royal Horses and much more. New performers have come from the outer reaches to entertain you.  Find treasures to fill your pockets and delicious medieval morsels to tempt your palate!  Come see knights jousting and learn to be a knight for a day. Learns skills and participate in tournaments. Catch a glimpse of Dancing Ladies, Fencing, Magical Puppets, Wandering Minstrels, Bards, Apple Pressing, Play Chess and many other exciting medieval events.
This celebration of the autumnal equinox Michaelmas, also called the Festival of Courage, is to draw courage and strength within ourselves to face the cold and dark times to come.  The story of  this festival teaches us that we have the courage to face the dragon, the courage to stand alone amongst the stars, courage to reach farther than our grasp, the courage to share with others, courage to make it through the darkness.  We find the courage though myths and stories that we can create the magic to help us have the courage to face the winter.  This festival is a Waldorf tradition, one of three for this time of the year, that is part of our student’s curriculum.
Lots of family fun at an affordable price!
Located At:
Christies Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze
on Glendale Drive in Blue Lake
Look for the Red Barn off Hwy 299

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