The Festival of Courage has become a special community event to help local schools and non-profits raise money for education programs while having fun in medieval style.  From the bounty of nature we gather the fruits of the harvest and store up the light to guide us through the darkness of winter. This celebration of the autumnal equinox Michaelmas, also called the Festival of Courage, is to draw courage and strength within ourselves to face the cold and dark times to come.  The story of  this festival teaches us that we have the courage to face the dragon, the courage to stand alone amongst the stars, courage to reach farther than our grasp, the courage to share with others, courage to make it through the darkness.  We find the courage though myths and stories that we can create the magic to help us have the courage to face the winter.  This festival is a Waldorf tradition, one of three for this time of the year, that is part of our student’s curriculum.
Come and enjoy jousting knights, dancing dragons, medieval morsels and spirits, a harvest market, games and fyne entertainment. We celebrate the art of agricultural traditions with vintners, brewers and farmers. Local and far away land artisans don our village with beautiful wares that lure you to take home their treasures.  Fine food and drink are available from local vendors to tempt your palate. Our goal is to provide visitors with a fun and educational experience that entices you to spend your gold! There will be a Solar ATM on-site just in case you need more gold! We love our visitors to have hands on experience and interaction with the villagers. It is a family event with ages ranging from 0 to 95.  You are welcome to come in costume as any character and enjoy your day.
We have special events that will happen throughout the weekend. We always feature the special Enchanted Village Tour on Saturday for the first 200 children where they will meet the characters of the village and receive special gifts from each of them.  Our students will perform on Sunday morning.  There will be a judged Children’s Medieval Costume Contest at 11:15 following the student performances.  We feature the Knights of Mayhem, who perform in full contact jousting tournament style.  There will be two shows per day – 12:30 and 3:30.  There will be a demonstration from the local group the Blue Lake Mounted Archers that perform the ancient art of archery on horseback.  They will be two shows per day – 11:30 & 2:30.  Many more special activities and entertainment will be planned throughout the festival. Please check the Schedule of Events page on this website.
This year we will be returning again to sunny Blue Lake at Christie’s Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze off Hwy. 299 on Glendale Drive. This event is in beautiful Humboldt County. Please see our ticket information page for accommodation information.  Camping on-site is for vendors and participants only.  Many local campgrounds are near by as Humboldt County offers beautiful redwood forests which are a back drop to this event.
Vendors and Performers are welcome to fill out the application packet from this website (see Vendor/Performer Info page) and mail it in for this year before June 1, 2018 for review and acceptance for next year’s event.  Please remember – this is a medieval themed event and we do jury all the applications. We do host a Hospitality Pavilion for volunteers, performers and entertainment.  First aid and security are also located near this area. No applications will be accepted after June 1, 2018.
Parking is limited so be sure to come early.  Handicap parking is available.  Please keep in mind this is a working ranch and farm so the ground is very uneven. NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED as this site is a working cattle ranch.
This event is a school fundraiser for Coastal Grove Charter School Parent Organization in Arcata, CA . Come support all participating local schools and non-profits within our village!